Save Space with a Cheap Built-in Wall Bed

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Many students and city residents are in need of a space-saving design that combines comfort with functionality, without costing an arm and a leg. Buying a cheap built-in wall bed is a good way to save space when you’re not sleeping. Some wall beds can be designed to transform into more functional décor elements when they are folded up. An extra bed is a welcome addition to any home and wall beds can be used to turn a home office into a guest bedroom without sacrificing your space at home.

An innovation in space-saving ideas, the Spaceformer is a unique space-optimizing design that functions as a bed when folded down and that transforms into a desk when the bed is hidden in the wall, giving people the ability to be productive without sacrificing a good night’s sleep. It is perfect for home offices, guest rooms, small homes, condos, apartments, and even college dormitories. The desk transforms into a bed in such a way that none of your belongings from the desk have to be removed during the process.
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Dual-Purpose Rooms

Many people utilize the extra room in their home for either a home office or a guest bedroom, depending on their needs. Before, space limitations sometimes meant choosing one option over the other. Today, with space-saving designs and cheap built-in wall beds, you can have both. The Spaceformer is a wall bed that transforms into a desk when it is upright, allowing you to have your home office and be a good host to your friends and family at the same time. It is a space-saving design that is helping transform living spaces around the globe.

Space-Saving Design

Wall beds are very useful in condos, where space can be limited and residents are forced to get creative with transformative living spaces. A bed to desk combo works well when transitioning a den into an extra bedroom, giving residents all the necessities to live comfortably without sacrificing the aesthetic, comfort or functionality of their living space. Simply transform your desk into a bed in seconds, so that you can stay productive and get a good night’s rest.


Innovative Design

Spaceformers is on the front line of innovative, space saving furniture design.

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